MySkin™ UK Starter Set

MySkin™ UK Starter Set

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MySkin™ UK Starter Set
A solid start to laying the foundations for an amazing skincare routine. 

Our infamous, non-drying, excellent cleaning and skin brightening MySkin™ UK Hyperpigmentation Soap is an excellent choice to help rebalance all skin types with lashings of true Aloe Vera, Conditioning Butters, and Skin Brightening Actives. 

Complete with our pure and ethical formulation of our NEW! MySkin™ UK Moisturiser conditions the skin; leaving it breathable, hydrated, protected, and without a whole bunch of unnecessary hormone adjusters, colours, silicones, toxic and carcinogenic ingredients. 

A wonderful set, ideal for beginners, pros, and all skin types and conditions from age 12+.

Features -

  • Vegan
  • Animal non-testing
  • Protects the skin barrier and reduces free radicals 
  • Fragrance free
  • 100% natural
  • NO silicones

Product Specifications -

  • Hyperpigmentation soap - 100g
  • Appearance: Organic, smooth bar.
  • Odour: Fragrance-free; characteristic of oils.
  • Colour: Golden yellow
  • pH: N/A as this product does not contain water.

INCI: Main ingredients:

Aloe Vera (Alpha Barbadensis Miller), Arbutin (Alpha Arbutin), Vitamin C


  • Moisturiser