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Dandruff comes in the form of “flakes” that detach more or less easily from the scalp, but also in the form of irritation and itching that it causes. It can represent a real “social embarrassment” due to its undesirable presence on the scalp and clothing.


The abnormal development of a lipophilic fungi, Malassezia, releases oxidizable fatty acids. These affect the skin barrier and participates towards accelerated cell renewal.

Keratinization is incomplete, which leads to squamous cells agglomeration. It becomes visible to the naked eye known as “dandruff”. The presence of these “flakes” associated to the presence of sebum on the scalp (normal or superior to the normal quantity) creates a favorable environment to Malassezia development. A vicious circle then takes place. 


In order to correct dandruff conditions, PHYTO offers three PHYTOSQUAM formulas - 1 treatment shampoo and 2 maintenance shampoos

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