ULTRA-DAMAGED and BRITTLE HAIR is generally ultra-dry hair that has undergone mechanical (blow-drying, hair straightening…) or chemical (hair color treatments, perms…) damages.

The cuticle scales previously altered end up disappearing (such as the intercellular cement that sticks them together). Keratin is exposed and its chains of protein are breaking and massively lose amino acids; water and lipids are slipping out. The hair has a very rough touch, it is fluffy and dull. It loses elasticity and resistance. Very hard to brush, it tangles and breaks. The split ends become permanent.

THE PHYTO SOLUTION In order to push to the extreme ultra-damaged and brittle hair reparation and to give back resistance and shine.

PHYTO offers products to REPAIR HAIR’S SUBSTANCE deep down. NOURISH the fiber. PHYTOKERATINE Extrême is an exceptional hair care ritual that offers ultimate repair, beauty, and resistance to damaged and brittle hair. These exceptional ingredients push the limits of hair repair for ultra-damaged and brittle hair thanks to Botanical Keratin (Wheat, Corn and Soy) that builds up hair substance deep from within and hydrolipidic repair of Sapote butter and Baobab oil.

This range is designed to be used as a ritual:

• Exceptional Shampoo • Cleansing Care Cream • Exceptional Mask • Exceptional Cream Specially developed for ultra-damaged and brittle hair

The PHYTOKERATINE Extrême line assures that hair instantly regains its strength and beauty from the surface to the core of its fiber.

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