(7 TREATMENTS) - First Installment (Total Price £999)

OPTION 2: TOTAL MAINTENANCE With Bonus Massage (7 TREATMENTS) - First Installment (Total Price £999)

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On last meet, we spoke about introducing an affordable medley of treatments to help you stay ahead of the skincare game; a plan that would always leave you feeling amazing and with skin that is remarkably aging backwards.

We’ve talked about incorporating affordable treatments into your routine to keep your skin feeling amazing and youthful, utilizing the finest aesthetic ingredients and techniques from around the world.


Now, here’s something truly revolutionary:

We are thrilled to present a solution that will transform your skin health in ways that you wouldn't believe!

This offer is the ultimate answer to all your anti-aging questions!

*Save ££££*

*Never been done before – not to be repeated*

*NEW! Pay-as-you-go options now available


(6 TREATMENTS+1 Bonus Massage)

x1 60 min Massage (FREE)

x1 Digital Skin Examination

x1 60 min Massage

x1 60 min Laser Hair or Laser Skin rejuvenation Therapy

x1 60 min Electrolysis

x1 75 min Muscle Toning Facial

x1 Deep Cleansing Facial

Exchange another treatment in your package for any of the above treatments already in your package excluding: x1 60 min Massage (FREE).

Therapists involved: Edwina and Rhianna.



Basic Terms and Conditions (Full Terms available above by selecting 'Cancellation Policy'). Full Terms will also be provided in store.

The 999 Deal.

This package entitles you to the said number of treatments. The complete cost for this course package is £999.

Therapists involved: Jazmine, Edwina and Rhianna.

The first installment of £333 will become payable now, on purchase of the course, followed by two further monthly (30 days apart) installments of £333 each.

This course is not refundable or transferrable and cannot be shared. Further terms and conditions will be made available in-store and you will be presented with an agreement to sign for the automatic collection of the further two installments via Direct Debit.

Late payments will incur a fee of £25 for each late installment in addition to an extra £5 per day for each outstanding late payment day.

*Please allow up to 24 hours to activate your order to book appointments on our main website.

1st Payment 1/3 £333

Installment 2/3 £333

Installment 3/3 £333